Unanswered trick 

Wasn’t being mean, but only the first two letters  Crawled solitude… slow & sturdy Walked a long way towards your smiles your laughters and your benevolence  Cutting by the real smiles  Where have they gone, the smithereens of joy?  Adulterated with falsification and fascination  Drowned by you wrapped in sycophany Where have they gone, the … More Unanswered trick 

On this day …

A zingy noon… Gushed up with a feeling amidst the powerpoints and a file  Couldn’t park it even for a while…  A social media alert popped by Reminded of the most special good bye.. A good bye to the city beautiful 💙 A three year old good bye post  Which is there in my every … More On this day …


One of those drunk weekends🍷 Where you curse the ruthless bends Arms around waist…  Feet locked…Eyelash clash… The touch that gave so much ❤ Fingers that drew alphabets on skin Close to my forehead used to be his chin From the weekday struggle  Wish the weekend cuddle… ! For every extensive love making that lack … More Long…Lost…Love 

Waves towards me

So far from my sight From the left and the right  Up & down  They came towards me  The chilly waves  Such a force  The cool breeze  Before they touch me  I could feel  The beach Waves right in front of me  Every time they come towards me  I wear a happy smile  The naked feet … More Waves towards me