Full stop.

I have stopped counting The number of teardrops… I have stopped measuring The intensity with which my heart sinks… I have stopped smiling The real smiles and happy giggles… I have stopped looking The faces that bounce back laughter… I have stopped collecting The memories that shine… I have stopped living The life I wish, … More Full stop.

That evil in you !

Thoughts are illness  They are powerful, contagious and corrosive! Just enough to block your ways to an amazing life. But not so powerful than the vibes that stay in you, Never forget to hold you up, up & above the high tides of thinking  Nevertheless all the dreams, desires, all you aspire lie within those … More That evil in you !

I do !

Every Cinderella has her midnight 🙂 We grew up  In the middle of ‘go to hell’ & ‘wedding bell’ From ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I do’ … 

Gulppppp… slurrppp… the sweet & bitter memory drink!

Highway, gateway to corridors Still remember the budding college romance  As I walked down along LH2  The window pane and the naughty corners asked  Where is HE ?  The whiteboards missed the tiny glances  The last benches missed the quick pecks The lecture hall missed the foil fights The elevator missed the liplocks The tuborg and … More Gulppppp… slurrppp… the sweet & bitter memory drink!