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Lights, Love & Laughter

After the end, there was a beginning 

A step back bounced back with a little more love and peace

And definitely when you feel it’s over, it actually starts 

Problems live incomplete without solutions

Happiness lived incomplete without smiles 

Life is lived incomplete without love

I lived incomplete without you.
That tiny little hope became a prism to give us our happy vibgyor 

Violet replaced the violence

Indigo replaced the irritation

Blue replaced the bad 

Green replaced the greed

Yellow replaced the yells

Orange replaced the opinion 

Red replaced the Regrets 


Let there be so much love to wash away the terrible quarter 

The courage wins over the hatred and it all start new. 

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Full stop.

I have stopped counting

The number of teardrops…

I have stopped measuring

The intensity with which my heart sinks…

I have stopped smiling

The real smiles and happy giggles…

I have stopped looking

The faces that bounce back laughter…

I have stopped collecting

The memories that shine…

I have stopped living

The life I wish, I dream, I deserve…



I have started missing

The bubbles that spluttered always within me with positive vibes, hope and shady strength….







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That evil in you !

Thoughts are illness 

They are powerful, contagious and corrosive!

Just enough to block your ways to an amazing life.

But not so powerful than the vibes that stay in you,

Never forget to hold you up, up & above the high tides of thinking 

Nevertheless all the dreams, desires, all you aspire lie within those tangling thoughts

Free yourself 

Life is so much better when you live beyond the thinktank! 

Breathe, Live 


Stepping on to that side 

It’s the night … the last night to be myself 

Who I was, up to the last twenty five years 

So drunk so drunk to remember 

The childhood, the teenage 

I shall be leaving every single bit of my life tomorrow 

Except myself and the good memories i have gathered till date

There stands a new life 

A brand new one… 

I may leave all the materialistic things behind 

I’ll carry forever all the love I had from f&f 

It’s my last night sleeping alone in my room

It shall be just the four walls missing the chirps, laughters and the tears it had since years 

I had the most amazing time of my life in the life I was living 

With all the positive vibes, I’ll make the new one a step better ! 

Mixed is the word 

And it’s a miss turning to mrs 

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Flip to the other side.

Just like turning your head 

While sleeping on the cosy bed,

You see the other side

Have courage and don’t hide. 

Because it’s turning real

Feelings so mixed – sinking and full of zeal

Just like from dusk to dawn
From cradle to bridal throne, 

From a miss to his mrs

From hugs to kisses,

It’s flipping to the other side 

From a damsel to a bride, 

Journey isn’t so easy

Although it appears to be cheesy,

Change – accept, adapt, embrace 

Life shall remain a beautiful race.
Not only because it was world poetry day! 

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Gulppppp… slurrppp… the sweet & bitter memory drink!

Highway, gateway to corridors Still remember the budding college romance 

As I walked down along LH2 

The window pane and the naughty corners asked 
Where is HE ? 
The whiteboards missed the tiny glances 

The last benches missed the quick pecks

The lecture hall missed the foil fights

The elevator missed the liplocks
The tuborg and classic mild asked 

Where is HE?
Deep inside you recollect where it all started… and then .. distracted and then deviated and destructed
HE has gone into his dreams 

And never came back!!!