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Flip to the other side.

Just like turning your head 

While sleeping on the cosy bed,

You see the other side

Have courage and don’t hide. 

Because it’s turning real

Feelings so mixed – sinking and full of zeal

Just like from dusk to dawn
From cradle to bridal throne, 

From a miss to his mrs

From hugs to kisses,

It’s flipping to the other side 

From a damsel to a bride, 

Journey isn’t so easy

Although it appears to be cheesy,

Change – accept, adapt, embrace 

Life shall remain a beautiful race.
Not only because it was world poetry day! 

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Unanswered trick 

Wasn’t being mean, but only the first two letters 

Crawled solitude… slow & sturdy

Walked a long way towards your smiles your laughters and your benevolence 

Cutting by the real smiles 

Where have they gone, the smithereens of joy? 

Adulterated with falsification and fascination 

Drowned by you wrapped in sycophany

Where have they gone, the cheer sparkling in ?

Sinking with the fictitious bridles

Oscillating to the whimsical world around
Where have they gone, ME, in the skies of you ? Selflessly-Selfish

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On this day …

A zingy noon…

Gushed up with a feeling amidst the powerpoints and a file 

Couldn’t park it even for a while… 

A social media alert popped by

Reminded of the most special good bye..

A good bye to the city beautiful 💙

A three year old good bye post 

Which is there in my every toast 🙂
I parted my ways with a place where I had 

Best of times

Best of people 

Best of memories 

Best of adventures 

Best of romance 

Best of freedom 

Best of fun

Best of everything

Best of the bestest…

It was the span when I was all mixed with 

Sorrow of leaving my shelter!

Excitement to explore a new life!

Hopes to go back to this place!

Insecurities to the bonds I nurtured!

Fear of fading memories!

Misery of losing my freedom!

High spirits of the moments! 

And it is now when I look back the memories have erased the gloominess and I am just tickled pink 💞

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Settle down … The sun and the sunshine! 

Wasted – the glorious sunsets ! Every day

Sitting on a laptop loaded with work and sometimes too much of work

But, there used to be long walks 

Where I absorbed all the sunset hues… 

Remained a small ray glittering on the cheeks  

Saying – see you tomorrow… 


It moves on

It moves forward

It moves beyond words 

It moves up the hills

And when you minimise the tabs..excel sheets and power points

There you see the most beautiful sunset behind the glass screen 😐 and you see it everyday you switch it on. 

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Waves towards me

So far from my sight From the left and the right 
Up & down 

They came towards me 
The chilly waves 

Such a force 

The cool breeze 

Before they touch me 

I could feel 
The beach Waves right in front of me 

Every time they come towards me 

I wear a happy smile 
The naked feet stucked in sand

The naked soul in the open sky
Me towards the waves 

The waves towards me 

& we had a playful time 🙂 
No happiness can beat the sound of waves !


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Breeze me away, High Spirits


When it was too still

and there was nothing to kill

Poured inside a stranger

a positive exchanger

Drooled over his presence

Activating my existence

When I was too hopeless, wrapped in stress

& there came a breeze that blew me away.

The ‘Ohhh ! So Sultry Breeze’

It is coming, Yeah It is, sooner

the High Spirits 🙂

Just because,

When its good, its really GOOD

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The exact way, it shouldn’t be… 

It’s so blurred 

It’s so unclear 


Let me wipe out the tear 

Rolling to the neck 

Digging in to the pillow 
There is silence & the darkness 
There used to be

Heavy laughs and killing smiles

Between two best friends !
Which shall be

soaked by the air in this room

swallowed by fake smiles 

Dried up with the salty tear


Friendships should not be adulterated with love. 
One step away from love

Thousand steps away from friend 

The silent death of the little me inside.
Rest in Peace! 

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Nothing, but YOU…


Let there be no one, no one to

pull you up

bring you out

raise you high

wipe your tears

lend you shoulders

listen to you

walk beside you

make you better

Gather up, wrap yourself

Yes, YOU are the one, the one and only you need in the thunders

Don’t let the vibes around enter inside you and smash you and finish you up

Because there will be no one again…

And you all will be left with

your left arm hugging the right one

and the right one kissing the left

In the end, its about you and only you and no one else.

Me. Now. Always. Forever




the desirable december


And this is just because I am always in love with December


The chills

The happiness

The frosty winters

Glide your hand down my arm

Let there be kissing palm…

Let’s drift the snow

For there is a lot of love to show…

But a little less than the love I have!


I look up to a dainty December… Hot coffee mugs and few cold nights

A mere thought of summer in the winters