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Flip to the other side.

Just like turning your head 

While sleeping on the cosy bed,

You see the other side

Have courage and don’t hide. 

Because it’s turning real

Feelings so mixed – sinking and full of zeal

Just like from dusk to dawn
From cradle to bridal throne, 

From a miss to his mrs

From hugs to kisses,

It’s flipping to the other side 

From a damsel to a bride, 

Journey isn’t so easy

Although it appears to be cheesy,

Change – accept, adapt, embrace 

Life shall remain a beautiful race.
Not only because it was world poetry day! 

Life, People, Realities, Uncategorized

Be aware people, people are terribleĀ 

Because everyone is not who they are

They are different, 

To what you want them to be

& that’s so simple.
N we just call it the two sides

They are

They are to you 

For it shall be so easy and a pleasure to know who they are to you 

Equally hard and harsh to know who they are.