Stepping on to that sideĀ 

It’s the night … the last night to be myself 

Who I was, up to the last twenty five years 

So drunk so drunk to remember 

The childhood, the teenage 

I shall be leaving every single bit of my life tomorrow 

Except myself and the good memories i have gathered till date

There stands a new life 

A brand new one… 

I may leave all the materialistic things behind 

I’ll carry forever all the love I had from f&f 

It’s my last night sleeping alone in my room

It shall be just the four walls missing the chirps, laughters and the tears it had since years 

I had the most amazing time of my life in the life I was living 

With all the positive vibes, I’ll make the new one a step better ! 

Mixed is the word 

And it’s a miss turning to mrs