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One of those drunk weekends🍷

Where you curse the ruthless bends
Arms around waist… 
Feet locked…Eyelash clash…

The touch that gave so much ❤

Fingers that drew alphabets on skin
Close to my forehead used to be his chin
From the weekday struggle 

Wish the weekend cuddle… !

For every extensive love making that lack nothing but love !!! 

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Settle down … The sun and the sunshine! 

Wasted – the glorious sunsets ! Every day

Sitting on a laptop loaded with work and sometimes too much of work

But, there used to be long walks 

Where I absorbed all the sunset hues… 

Remained a small ray glittering on the cheeks  

Saying – see you tomorrow… 


It moves on

It moves forward

It moves beyond words 

It moves up the hills

And when you minimise the tabs..excel sheets and power points

There you see the most beautiful sunset behind the glass screen 😐 and you see it everyday you switch it on.