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The exact way, it shouldn’t be… 

It’s so blurred 

It’s so unclear 


Let me wipe out the tear 

Rolling to the neck 

Digging in to the pillow 
There is silence & the darkness 
There used to be

Heavy laughs and killing smiles

Between two best friends !
Which shall be

soaked by the air in this room

swallowed by fake smiles 

Dried up with the salty tear


Friendships should not be adulterated with love. 
One step away from love

Thousand steps away from friend 

The silent death of the little me inside.
Rest in Peace! 

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Nothing, but YOU…


Let there be no one, no one to

pull you up

bring you out

raise you high

wipe your tears

lend you shoulders

listen to you

walk beside you

make you better

Gather up, wrap yourself

Yes, YOU are the one, the one and only you need in the thunders

Don’t let the vibes around enter inside you and smash you and finish you up

Because there will be no one again…

And you all will be left with

your left arm hugging the right one

and the right one kissing the left

In the end, its about you and only you and no one else.

Me. Now. Always. Forever